Rwanda Trip Support

From July 14-28, we will be sending Br Ben, Joey Miller, Ted and Becki Carrico, Sally Rains, and Nate and Dani Berrian to Rwanda as representatives of Christ the Redeemer. They will be going to our home diocese of Byumba and meeting with our Sister Parish called Hunga.

This group will be bearing our gifts and blessings to Byumba and bringing back gifts and blessings from them to us. Because they are representing us as ambassadors of our community, we want to make our sending tangible by supporting this trip financially.

·         We have begun a Rwandan method of fundraising. If you have skills and abilities that you are willing to donate, there will be an opportunity to give them. If you have a tangible need you would otherwise pay for, you can list that need.

·         We will match skills with needs, and instead of paying for the service, donations can be made to the trip. In this way, giving is multiplied.