Tamales sold by the dozen for $18. Please write the number of orders in the notes.

How to Eat Tamales

Step 1

Unroll or unfold the tamale’s wrapping carefully. The tamale will probably be very hot, so do your best to avoid burning your fingers as you do this. You should end up with a tamale sitting on a corn husk. Unwrap the tamale with your fingers rather than a fork or other utensil.

Step 2

Slide the corn husk out from under the tamale by pulling on the husk with one hand and holding the tamale in place with the other. Discard the husk.

Step 3

Top the unwrapped tamale with salsa or another sauce if you wish. This is not strictly traditional but is nevertheless a common practice in many Mexican or Southwest restaurants.

Step 4

Eat the tamale with a fork. You may use a knife if you wish, but it is not generally necessary; most tamales are soft and tender enough that you can easily eat them with only a fork.