Walking Through Advent: Guide for Scripture Reading


This is a guide for personal, family, or corporate worship that can accompany the lighting of the candles of the Advent wreath. Feel free to adapt or to change what is suggested here. Parents will want to make changes to fit the developmental stages of their children. 

To draw out the anticipation of the season throughout the week, suggested longer readings are also provided. The passages can be approached through extended reading time or can be read in smaller portions. Because much of the scripture is prophetic, reading out loud is recommended. 

Dying in Islam, Rising in Christ: Encountering Jesus Beyond the Grave


As a young Muslim imam and apologist against Christianity in Rwanda, Swidiq Kanana’s entire life changes suddenly when a blood disease leaves him dead. In death for twelve hours, he is tortured by demons until Jesus personally sets him free, sending him back to his body just before burial. From the moment of his return, he boldly proclaims Jesus as Lord, often in the face of Muslim attempts on his life. Baptized as Cedric, he now risks his life a pastor and sought-after evangelist. This is a story of Islam in East Africa, the deliverance of Jesus Christ, and the power of Christ's kingdom in ways we might never imagine.